What to do in Prague. A concise guide

With its Gothic grace and Renaissance architecture, Prague has been a popular tourist destination since the year dot. Quaint cafes, bohemian bars, as well as world-class museums, and beautiful parks. Here is our list of sights and activities that you shouldn’t miss while in Prague.

Get soaked in history at the Old Town Square (colloquially Staromak)

Located in the very heart of Prague, Old Town Square is a must. A starting point for all visitors, this spot has witnessed many dramatic moments in Czech history – the 17th-century execution of Protestant lords or the 1948 communist coup. 

Watch the medieval Astronomical Clock strike an hour, or climb the Old Town Hall for spectacular views. Even though the square often gets crowded, you won’t be disappointed.

Explore the Jewish Ghetto

Nestled between the Old Town and the Vltava River, the Jewish Ghetto (or Josefov) has been a significant part of the city’s history. It all started in the 13th century when a lot of Jews moved away to this cramped area. 

A large part of it was destroyed at the beginning of the 19th century while the city was remodeled. Fortunately, several places of interest were saved, including six synagogues, the Old Jewish Cemetery, or the attic where the mythical Prague Golem was hidden.

Stroll across Charles Bridge

Walk from the Old Town to the Lesser Quarter through the emblematic Charles Bridge. A legend has it that eggs were used during its construction in the 14th century to make it extra resistant. That’s probably why this monument is the oldest surviving bridge in the city :-). You will also get the most scenic views of Prague Castle as well as Petrin Hill.

Visit Prague Castle and Golden Lane

Prague Castle is, without doubt, the most visited sight in the whole of the Czech Republic. The largest castle complex in the world has been the official residence of Czech rulers and is definitely worth a visit despite the touristy character.

While entry to the complex grounds is for free, seeing the inside of some buildings, such as the St. Vitus Cathedral or the Basilica of St. George, will require a ticket. Don’t forget to pass the mysterious Golden Lane (you will need to pay entrance), which, according to a legend, used to be inhabited by alchemists, as well as Franz Kafka.

Petrin Hill

Popular among both travelers and locals for its lush gardens and views, Petrin Hill is situated very close to Prague Castle. It’s also accessible from the riverside by foot, or with a funicular.

At the top, you can find a miniature of the Eiffel Tower, a mirror maze, or the unusual church of St. Michael.

Go to the movies

Have a break from all the walking and watch a film in one of Prague’s independent movie theatresSvetozor, Bio Oko, Aero, or Atlas. Cinemas are a perfect place to get to know something new and relax. Don’t worry, foreign movies are usually available in their original language (which is often English) with Czech subtitles. 

Have a beer (or 2, or 5)

Last but not least, have a pint of the renowned Czech lager. Ramble through the colorful Naplavka, a popular spot for friendly gatherings, and have one there. Pubs like Klub Ujezd, U Glaubicu, or U Vystrelenyho oka are also well worth a try. You will be able to blend in with the locals and make friendships that will last for a lifetime.

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What to do in Prague. A concise guide

With its Gothic grace and Renaissance architecture, Prague has been a popular destination since the year dot. Here is our list of sights and activities that you shouldn’t miss.