Public Transportation Prague – A guide to get around

Are you new to Prague and looking for information on how to get around the city? Don’t worry. We speak your language. We’ve prepared a simple guide for you to get oriented quickly. We will talk about the means of transport available in the city, where to buy tickets, and where to check timetables. So let’s get started!

Means of transport

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that Prague has a really good transportation system. It’s also very cheap, compared to other European capitals, and varied. You can choose from six different means of transport – metro, buses, trams, trains, boats, and a funicular.

Prague metro

Metro is probably the best and fastest way to get around. It has three lines in total (green, red, and yellow) with transfer points at Florenc, Muzeum, and Mustek. It’s also incredibly easy to use. Note that the metro in Prague closes at midnight and won’t open till around 4.30 in the morning.

Prague Metro Map

Prague tram and city bus

On the other hand, buses and trams operate all day (there are special night services). While trams are great to move around the center, buses will take you to the outskirts.

Prague Tram Map
Tram lines in Prague. Photo:

Prague train

As the system is integrated, passengers can use the regular ticket for trains as well. Unless you leave the district of Prague, in which case your ticket isn’t valid once you pass the border. Although you probably won’t be using trains to move within Prague daily, it’s good to know they exist. Integrated trains are marked with an S.

Prague trains map

Prague ferry

Ferries connect both banks of the Vltava river. Even though the distance is walkable and probably much faster on foot, it’s definitely a unique way to experience the city.

Prague ferries map

Prague funicular

Finally, the funicular will take you to the top of Petrin hill. Bear in mind that the funicular station can get busy with tourists, especially in summer, and you might have to wait in the queue. Again, the distance is walkable, as well as enjoyable.

Prague funicular

Prague taxi, Bolt, Uber, and Liftago

Taxi, Bolt, Uber, and Liftago (Czech alternative to Uber) are also options. Nevertheless, when getting a taxi, beware of scams and crazy rip-off rates. It’s better to book a taxi through a legitimate company than hailing a random cab on the street.

Prague public transport tickets

There are four types of tickets, as well as monthly travel cards. All of them can be used for all the means of travel mentioned above, and you’re allowed to change.

How do I validate a ticket in Prague?


The price depends on how long you’re planning to be using public transport. The cheapest ticket costs 30 CZK (31 with sms), and you’re allowed to travel for 30 minutes. Then, there is a 90-minute ticket for 40 CZK (42 CZK with sms), a day ticket (120 CZK), and a three-day ticket (330 CZK). Note that all tickets must be validated in the yellow validators when you enter public transport. Otherwise, you can get fined by a controller.

If you’re planning to stay in the city for more than a month and you expect to use public transport frequently, you can get a monthly, quarterly, or yearly pass.

As prices can be updated, please check the official website.

Where and how to buy them

You can buy tickets in the yellow vending machines that are at every metro station and at some bus or tram stations. The older vending machines don’t accept card payments, so it’s always better to carry a couple of coins around. 

Tickets can also be purchased in newsstands, tourist information centers, and inside some trams and some buses.

Moreover, there is an option to buy tickets with your mobile phone by sending a text message DPT31 for 30 minutes or DPT42 for 90 minutes, (depends on the type of ticket you want to purchase), to the number 902 06 (no country code required).
. Your confirmation will usually be sent to your phone within one minute. However, you can do so only from a local SIM card.

Another way to buy tickets in Prague is the Litacka app, where you can also check timetables. Those can be also found on the official website of Prague transport company.

Final words

You should now be ready to set off exploring the beautiful city of Prague by metro, bus, tram, train, funicular, or ferry. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to Contact Us. We wish you a pleasant journey!

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