Prague for Digital Nomads

The times when Southeast Asia was the primary hub of digital nomads are long gone. Instead, remote workers now rather opt for the beaches of Middle and South America or the European capitals. Prague has become particularly popular. Why’s that, you ask? Here are the seven reasons why you should try digital nomading from the Czech Republic this year.

7 reasons why Prague should become your next travel destination

1- Location

The biggest draw is probably the location, both of Prague and the whole of the Czech Republic. It is situated in the very heart of Europe. Therefore, other destinations are easily reachable. You can take a weekend trip by train or bus to Berlin, Salzburg, and Krakow, or take a two-hour flight to Spain. The options are endless.

2- Size

With only around 1.3 million inhabitants, Prague is small compared to other European cities. However, it features the facilities of a metropolis. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, as well as global chains, and well-known brands. Most young people speak English too.

3- Affordable cost of living

Moreover, the cost of living is reasonable. Rent for a studio flat in the center of the city will cost you 15,000 CZK (USD$ 700) on average, while a room in a shared flat can come to as little as half of it, usually less than 10,000 CZK (USD$ 480).

Food is fairly priced too. A daily menu will cost you anything between 90 and 150 CZK (USD$ 4 to 7). While a cup of coffee or half a liter of beer usually comes to 40 CZK (USD$ 2).

4- Easy transportation system

It’s also important to mention that Prague has a really good transportation system. You can choose from six different means of transport – metro, buses, trams, trains, boats, and a funicular. It’s very cheap too. The basic ticket costs 24 CZK (a little bit more than a dollar), and you can travel for 30 minutes. Various monthly and yearly passes exist as well. In the center, you can move around on a bike or on foot. Check out our article about “Public Transportation in Prague”.

5- Mild weather

The Czech Republic has a moderate continental climate, with the year divided into four seasons. Winter in Prague can be cold, but it’s nothing unbearable. Temperatures can get as low as 20 degrees (Fahrenheit). Summers are generally hot, with temperatures reaching up to 86 degrees.

There are no earthquakes or other dangerous natural phenomena neither.

6- Rich social life

Prague is also known for its rich social scene. You can connect with others over a beer in a pub. There are plenty of events organized every day, from concerts, pub crawls to poetry slams and sports events. Moreover, the city is renowned for its crazy parties foreigners often come over to enjoy. One simply can’t get bored in this city. Check our our article about “Social Life in Prague”.

7- Digital nomads visa

The biggest advantage is that if you are an E.U. citizen, you won’t need any visa to be legally allowed to stay and work in the country. Also, the Czech Republic has recently introduced a new type of visa specially designed for digital nomads from overseas.

Known as ‘zivno visa’ (zivnostenske opravneni or zivnostensky list) among local expats, it’s basically a trading license combined with a long-term visa. Anyone who wishes to stay in the Czech Republic for more than 3 months and up to 1 year to conduct a business from here is allowed to apply through the Czech Embassy of their country of origin. Check out our article about “Digital Nomads Visa in The Czech Republic”.


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