Parks in Prague

There is no better way to unwind after a day of work or wandering through the town than to sit in the grass and watch people pass by. Prague is, in fact, one of the world’s greenest urban areas. According to the Prague City Hall, the city features nearly 200 parks and recreation spots. To pick some is easy, therefore. But here are the ones that we like the most.

Best Parks in Prague

Riegrovy sady

Conveniently located very near the city center, this park is notable for its slanted field and spectacular views of Prague Castle and the Lesser Town. When the weather allows, it’s the perfect spot to watch the sunset. There are also two beer gardens and a kiosk to buy snacks and sample local beers.


Letna is probably the most popular park in Prague for both locals and visitors alike. While it offers some great views of the Old Town, it’s more renowned for its beer garden and skate park. There’s plenty of space to practice other sports too, such as in-line skating, frisbee, football, or jogging. Letna is also a spot where various concerts, festivals, or fairs often take place.


Kampa is a small island located on the side of Lesser Town, separated from the district by Devil’s Stream (Certovka). It boasts lush greenery, views of the Charles Bridge, and, most importantly, a rich art scene. From the famous Lennon Wall and Museum Kampa to the statue of giant Crawling Babies. Kampa is a place you will enjoy a lot.

Havlickovy sady (Grebovka)

Set in Vinohrady, Havlickovy sady is the second biggest park in Prague. Known for the prominent 19th-century villa Grebovka, it also features vineyards, a charming artificial cave, and a pavilion with views to sit back and relax with a cup of coffee.


This historic fort is claimed to be the location of the first settlement of Prague. Today, it’s mostly enjoyed by both tourists and locals to relax, practice yoga, or jog. It’s also home to the Vysehrad Cemetery (colloquially Slavin), the final resting place of many composers, sculptors, writers, artists, scientists, and politicians.

Divoka Sarka

More of a nature reserve than a city park, Divoka Sarka is a place to get lost for the day. Walk the cliffs, cross the streams, or dip in the swimming pool. In winter, the frozen water reservoir is a perfect option for ice-skating.

Best places for run or jogging in Prague

Even though you can jog in any of the city parks or simply run the streets of Prague, the following locations are especially popular among runners.


Stromovka (or Kralovska obora) is the largest park in the whole of Prague. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that you will meet plenty of fellow joggers here. It’s also a good choice for a picnic.


Recently renovated by the Prague City Hall, Ladronka now features bike lanes, beach volleyball courts, and open-air fitness stops. Thus, you can enhance your training with other entertaining sports too.

The Riverside

If you happen to live downtown and fancy a jog, the riverside is an easy fix. It provides enough miles, as well as some incredible views. But careful. Note that Naplavka (the embankment) hosts farmers’ markets on Saturdays and lot of people having drinks during summer afternoons, so you might need to slow down a bit or even stop for a treat.

All right, here you have it. There are plenty of other green areas to visit, but those were our top picks. Visit us in Coffice Prague and meet people which will join you for going around. 

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Parks in Prague

Prague is, in fact, one of the world’s greenest urban areas. According to the Prague City Hall, there are nearly 200 parks in Prague and recreation spots.

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