Office for Digital Nomads in Prague. A real Meeting Point.

There are many articles, blogs and information about Prague online. But as digital nomads, we know that it is not enough. The most important thing is to have the chance to connect people who live in the city not only through emails or publications on social networks.
That is why we offer a physical meeting point where all nomads can come, get advice, work together, or have a drink after-work.


Free Day

We offer you a Free Coworking Day in Prague, so you can meet us and have a first point of support in the city.
The place is called “Coffice Prague” and it is a mix between Coworking, Cafe and Bar. It is located in Prague 2. During the day, it works as Coworking Café, with open space, meeting room, private office and garden.
After-work it become a bar and meeting point for members and non members, with plenty of social events every day. 

Más información:
Facebook: Coffice Prague
Instagram: @cofficeprague

Have you just moved to Prague and are looking for ways to socialize? It can be a bit stressful to get oriented in a foreign environment at the beginning. Luckily, Prague offers countless options to pal around. 

Come to a language exchange, enjoy a night out around local pubs and bars, or set off a trip to the mountains on a bike.

To get to know more about daily meetups and events in Prague, join our differnt Groups on Facebook, WhatsApp or Or just show up at Coffice coworking. There is always something happening in Prague.