Mobile operators and prepaid sim card - Czech Republic

Each time you arrive in a different country, there are a few things you have to get sorted quickly. Those would be, among others, accommodation (which most of us plan in advance anyway) and a mobile phone tariff. In this article, we will go through the main mobile phone providers in the Czech Republic, the best deals, and whether you should opt for a prepaid card or a contract tariff plan.

Will I need a Czech SIM card?

With the EU roaming, which was introduced a couple of years ago, it isn’t necessary to set up a Czech SIM card if you already have a European SIM card, especially if you’re planning to stay for just a short period of time in the Czech Republic. However, you might eventually need it to buy some things online, such as the DPT mobile transport tickets, or to set up a bank account. 

Czech mobile operators

The Czech Republic has three main mobile phone operators – T-Mobile, O2, and Vodafone. All of them offer prepaid cards, as well as contract tariff plans. O2 is also a fixed-line operator and a popular internet provider in Prague.

There are also smaller operators, such as COOP Mobil, Tesco Mobile, or OpenCall.

Prepaid SIM card Czech Republic

If you’re not planning to stay in Prague for long, a prepaid card is the best option for you. You usually have to pay between 200 and 500 CZK (8–20 EUR). Prices per minute range from 2 to 5 CZK, whereas an SMS will cost you around 2 CZK. 

The cheapest prepaid SIM card for digital nomads in Prague is provided by OpenCall. A minute of calling within all networks in the country will cost you as little as 1.80 CZK, while an SMS is 1.50 CZK. International calls start at 1.80 CZK per minute. You can also buy 1 GB of data for 99 CZK (less than 4 EUR).

Contract tariff plans in The Czech Republic

On the other hand, if you’re planning to stay in Prague for longer, contract tariff plans will be a cheaper solution. However, note that they usually run for a minimum of 24 months, so you might have to pay the difference if you terminate it earlier.

They usually include free minutes, SMS bundles, and data bundles. The budget plans start at around 500 CZK per month, while the more expensive ones begin at 800 CZK (Vodafone). Those will have unlimited minutes, SMS messages, as well as data. They are a good option for those who own a business here in the Czech Republic or call and browse the web abundantly.

Discounted youngster (T-Mobile) and student (O2, Vodafone) tariff plans are available too.

Final words

You should now know the basics about mobile phone operators and cell phone services in Prague. Bear in mind that tariffs, special offers, and promotions change from time to time. Therefore, it’s always better to check the websites of each provider to gather current rates and prices.

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