Czech Digital Nomad Visa. All You Need to Know for living in the Czech Republic.

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent shifting to remote work, living a digital nomad lifestyle is no longer a privilege. Many countries around the globe, especially the ones that used to benefit from tourism, have started introducing digital nomad visas and work permits. The Czech Republic has recently become one of them.

Unless you are an E.U. citizen, you will need some sort of a visa to be legally allowed to stay in the Czech Republic. The most popular is probably a tourist visa. However, that is valid for 90 days only, and you can’t acquire new clients locally if you own a business. There are a couple of different long-term visas in the country. One of them is especially designed for foreign freelancers – or digitals nomads, if you wish.

Czech Digital Nomad Visa

Commonly known as ‘zivno visa (from the Czech zivnostenske opravneni or zivnostensky list), it’s basically a trading license combined with a long-term visa. It’s intended for foreigners who wish to stay in the Czech Republic for more than 3 months and up to 1 year while conducting business from the country.

This type of visa is primarily used by language teachers as most schools don’t offer regular employment but contract-based work, software developers, creatives, artists, and other freelancers.

Who can apply?

Any foreign citizen can apply, except citizens of member states of the E.U. Those do not need any visas or permits to travel, live, and work in the Czech Republic.

What documents will you need?

You will need 

    • a completed application form
    • a valid passport
    • two passport-size photos
    • proof of the purpose of your stay (including the Czech trading license, which is a document that allows you to conduct a business in the country)
    • proof of accommodation (for at least one year)
    • proof of funds (minimum 124.500 CZK, which is around 5,700 USD)
    • criminal records from your country of origin and the countries where you have lived for at least for 6 months in the past 3 years
    • travel medical insurance

Bear in mind that all the documents will have to be in Czech. Also, you will have to pay a visa application fee. The cost varies depending on your country of origin.

How to apply?

The application process is pretty easy. Usually, you will have to apply from the Czech Embassy of your country of origin. However, some nationalities can apply from any Czech Embassy. 

Note that you can’t apply straight from the Czech Republic. For example, if you are already in the country on tourist visas and wish to prolong your stay.

Along with submitting all the documents listed above, you will also have to pass an immigration interview. Then, you will have to wait for about 90 to 120 days. Once the visa is approved, you will have to collect it from the Embassy you had applied from, and you’re all set.

Any more questions? Contact us. And don’t forget, we speak your language.

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