About Us

My name is Martin. I am from Argentina and I have been living in Prague since the end of 2014, although during this time I have been out of the country coming and going. I have decided to create this website in order to promote this beautiful city and connect with Nomads who live here or are interested in visiting.

How did I get here

Pure chance. I came to Europe with the plan of staying 6 months. After traveling to different parts of the continent and having lived in Russia for a few months, I had the intention of living in Berlin.
After being there for 10 days, I felt that I did not connect with the place and I decided to take a 4 hour bus to Prague.

My original idea was to spend 5 days in Prague, but upon arrival I simply fell in love with the city.
I was lucky to make local friends within a few days of arriving, and this is why I am extending my stay. One more week .. and then another .. and then another month. When the time came to return to Brazil (the country in which I lived until then) I decided to stay.

The years in Prague passed quickly, and between the adventure of opening a cafe here in the city (which I later sold) I met, again by chance, Veronika, who was a stewardess and was here in Prague for a short time. A year later we got married and now we have a son. Although at the moment we are a little calmer, our plans to travel and live a nomadic life continue to be our goal.

What I Do

Although my career and studies were in the area of Public Relations, for more than 15 years, my main activity is the travel and accommodation industry. Currently I have a hostel in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and an Inn in a small beach town in Brazil (Porto de Galinhas). In 2023, we started an agency focused in Tourism marketing mainly for spanish speaking market.  

In Prague, since the beginning of 2020 (yeah, great timing) I have opened an “hourly” Coworking Space and event space (www.cofficeprague.com).
After working for many years from Cafes and Coworkings I decided to try to create a mix between them and add the spirit of interaction that a hostel has.

Why have I created this project

Several reasons, but I will try to summarize them in 4:
1- I am convinced that Prague does not have enough promotion as a destination for Digital Nomads. The city is perfect! (Although perfection does not exist) I will not go into detail about it because you can read it throughout the articles on this website.

2- I consider that the community for Digital Nomades here is not active enough here. I tried for a long time to get in touch with other nomads who have blogs or who had groups on Facebook or Meetup, and honestly I hardly had a response.

3- Although it is true that many times (at least in my opinion) when traveling you seek to connect more with local people than with foreigners, I think it is always good to arrive in a city and know that you have a contact and people to meet to work together or have a drink.

4- To offer / promote my space (yes, I don’t want to be hypocritical). I think it would be very silly not to take advantage of this beautiful space, organize meetings, help those who need it and, greater purpose in this life, have a good time.

Final words

As the goal of this site is NOT to be a simple blog with articles BUT to offer a space to really connect, I invite you to use any of the contact channels that are throughout the site. See you soon!