Yes. Prague is a great city for Digital Nomads


Dear Digital Nomads.. welcome to Prague, Czech Republic! We will receive you with a small present

Digital Nomad Prague Guide
What you will find here

Information so that you can better understand how your life in Prague can be. Our goal with this website is to make it easy to navigate and without too many extra words. Click on each category to learn more and feel free to contact us if you have any question.


Quick Guide

We will guide you on the most important aspects of life in Prague. Simple articles that will help you understand / convince how good it can be to visit this city for a short or long time.

At the end of each article you will also find our means of contact in case you have questions or want more information.

The “Quick Guide” articles offer specific information for Digital Nomades as well as content about accommodation, where to live in Prague, what to do in Prague, use of telephone and sim cards, banks, and more ..

Here you will find boring, but useful information about what is necessary to obtain a visa to live in the Czech Republic for a short or long term.

We will describe about different options in a general way and we will include links in which you can find official documentation.(Who can apply, How to do it, What is needed and more)

The “Documentation & Stuff” articles offer specific information about the Digital Nomad Visa in The Czech Republic.
If you need more information on, you can contact us and we will try to help you or recommend a professional.






Since the main objective of this site is to meet face to face, we propose a “Coworking Day” together. For this reason we offer you a free day so you can visit us in Coffice Prague.
In relation to accommodation, you will find here information about the best areas to live, among other topics.
In addition, we can advise you on your search for accommodation or contact someone who offers them. So if you need help with it, we send a message in any of our contact channels.

Yes! This is our favorite part. We know that when you arrive in a new city, one of the most important things is to socialize.
And here the idea is simple, work during the day and then enjoy.

Luckily, Prague is a place with a lot of things to do every day and throughout the year. In this section, we will tell you about Social Life in Prague. 

We organize many meetings after work with the simple idea of chatting informally and sharing a drink. Here you will find links about them and our contact channels so you can join us





With its Gothic grace and Renaissance architecture, Prague has been a popular tourist destination since the year dot.

Are you new to the city and looking for inspiration on what to do? Whether you prefer quaint cafes, bohemian bars, rich social life, or its beautiful parks, there is definitely something for everyone.

Is there more you’d like to know about the sights and activities to enjoy while visiting Prague? Check out our concise guide. Places you must visit, best parks and more. 

Even though Prague is the gem of Europe on its own and offers plenty to see and do, you will surely want to visit other spots in the Czech Republic too. 

Get soaked in Czech history or the breathtaking nature. Explore the country’s quaint medieval towns, castles, as well as mountains, and natural parks. It doesn’t matter if you’re a tourist or local, the Czech Republic has something for everyone.

Not sure where to go first? Take a look at the selection of places we have selected and feel free to recommend us new ones.



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